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White Sands National Monument
In April, 2012 I visited White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Gypsum sands, Soap Tree Yucca's and an ever changing landscape provide for great photo opportunities.
Plans for 2013
For 2013 I have visited the Wilmington, Delaware / Philadelphia for garden images and will be going to the Adirondacks' (Upstate New York) for Fall color.
Gallery Showings 2012
Currently, I am at TCF Bank in Canton, Michigan through the first quarter of 2013. They have been gracious enough to allow me to display, gallery-style, my images. Included are recent images from White Sands National Monument and Alaska.
White Sands National Monument
In April, 2012 I visited White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. An upcoming Gallery will include images taken. White Sands is comprised of gypsum sand that is very white in color. Contrast comes from the mountains in the background and Soap Tree Yucca's.
Canton Fine Arts Exhibition
Canton (MI) is having their Fine Arts Exhibition October 1 - 28 at the Village Theatre at Cherry Hill. This exhibition is open to all art mediums and is a judged show. I was fortunate to have one of my pieces selected. "Gone Fishing" from Misty Fjord National Monument in Alaska was selected.
Pricing of Limited Edition Prints (Framed & Unframed)
Please note that the pricing for my work contained within this website is not current. Please contact me for the latest pricing. You might be pleasantly surprised since many of the prices are actually less.
Collector's Club
Introducing the Collector's Club. Those individual's who have purchased one of my limited edition prints (24" x 30" framed) are automatically enrolled in the Collector's Club. This Club offers benefits including a 10% discount on future purchases of limited edition pieces. Stay tuned for additional information.
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