My life long path has been as varied as life has to offer. My latest line is that my analytical / administrative “left brain” has turned to mush and that my creative “right brain” has taken over. While a product of the 1960’s idealism I took on the dream of becoming an Industrial Designer and pursued and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Michigan State University. While at Michigan State, I took some freelance honors courses in photography from Roger Funk. My passion for photography was restricted at that time to the 35mm format with the emphasis being black and white photographs and color transparencies. I then pursued additional “portfolio” Industrial Design course work at the Center For Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan.

Not finding employment in my chosen field I shifted gears totally and pursued the craze of the 1970’s and 1980’s … the MBA. I received my MBA from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan after six and a half years of night school. During this time I had started work at Michigan Consolidated Gas (MichCon) with stops in Engineering, Gas Operations Central Staff, Production, Transmission & Storage, Information Systems, Distribution Operations and Engineering & Construction. While part of the Information Systems organization I was assigned to lead a geographic information system (GIS) project. Twenty years later with the labor-intensive GIS conversion project completed it is time to go back to my creative side.

Under the training and mentorship of well-respected photographer Monte Nagler (a student of Ansel Adams), as well as Doug Johnson, Elizabeth Stone, David Middleton and Tim Cooper from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, my passion for photography over the last two years has been reignited. My primary focus and interest is limited edition landscape photography. I see so much beauty in God’s creation that I am never without subject matter. One might say that I have “stopped to smell the roses!”

So, with the rekindled passion for photography, a new direction and vision, and a spirit of adventure I have changed my life path once again to capture images that draw a person in and capture one’s heart.
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